What Clients Say

Whenever I have a question about natural and holistic strategies for myself or my family, I am very happy to have Ann there as a resource. She responds almost instantly with such passion and enthusiasm, and almost always goes above and beyond the specific question I was asking to provide me additional reading and links to provide me a complete context around my question and a greater depth of understanding. She gives me advice, but she always backs it up with information that arms me in making the best decision possible.


Ann has been an active participant in my health care. With Ann’s guidance I no longer take blood pressure medication or statins and no longer have irregular heart rhythm issues. Ann requested blood and urine lab tests to check for deficiencies and recommended vitamins, and other supplements to put me back in a healthy range. She has also put me on a diet and exercise program that includes cardio and weight training. My kidney and heart doctors do extensive blood work on me every three months. They are telling me all my lab results (blood levels) are much improved.

What I really like about the path that I am on now is that I feel in control of my health and wellness, and I can improve my strength and energy level. By following the recommendations for diet, nutrition, supplementation and exercise I can improve the quality of my life, with more energy and less pain. I have learned so much this past year about the importance of keeping my body healthy. I would not have been able to get to where I am today without Ann’s help. Her knowledgeable research, testing and consultations have had a huge impact on my recovery and my future health.


Ann listened to my story, we had a deep conversation about what had worked in the past and what didn’t. The meal plan Ann presented to me was the easiest transition into healthy eating I had ever attempted. She had prepared many tools personalized to me, and visited with me regularly to track my progress and give me guidance toward achieving my long-term goals. She even accompanied me to the grocery store to help keep me on track. A month in and dozens of recipes later, I don’t feel as though I’ve sacrificed any of the foods I previously enjoyed. My mood has improved, I feel brighter than I have in years, and the “mental fog” I had come accustomed to seems to have disappeared. I am also proud to say that as of one month, I have lost 6 pounds. Reforming the way you eat is a mental journey, one that is so difficult to go alone. I am glad to have Ann and IScript Nutrition with me as my journey continues.

Ann M Musick MS, CNS®, LDN
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