Clients of iScript Nutrition enjoy reduced prices on pharmaceutical-grade, CNS-recommended, nutritional supplements superb in quality to food-grade supplements found in retail stores. Food-grade nutritional supplements are not required by the FDA to meet the same standard of purity as pharmaceutical-grade counterparts. Unlike food-grade, pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements exceed 99% purity and cannot contain any fillers, dyes, unknown additives, or dillutants. Less than 3% of nutritional supplements on the market are pharmaceutical-grade.

Clients of iScript Nutrition are also connected to the Designs For Health WellWorld App where they are provided with personalized meal plans including daily recipes and weekly shopping lists, supplement recommendations and ordering, plus automatic reminders throughout the day at no additional cost.

Using the wellness App not only provides a direct mode of communication with iScript Nutrition between appointments, it is a wonderful visual guide, and interactive reference tool to inspire change, and track progress over time.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and taking care of it requires nourishing from the outside as well as the inside. SkinDrink products are all-natural, organic, and evidence-based to help you keep your skin looking much younger than your years.

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