Ann has an MS in Clinical Nutrition, is a nationally recognized Certified Nutrition Specialist, Opus 23 Pro Certified practitioner, and Founder of iScript Nutrition specializing in physical and cognitive performance.

Ann graduated with honors from The Nutrition Institute at University of Bridgeport where she earned her Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition. She went on to become licensed as a certified nutritionist (LDN) in Kentucky, earn the national Certified Nutrition Specialist® (CNS®) credential, and complete the American Nutrition Association’s Ketogenic Nutrition Certification program. Prior to getting her master’s degree Ann earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Leadership with a certificate in Non-Profit Management from Wright State University, and worked in the non-profit sector writing and managing grants.

As a young adult Ann contracted Mononucleosis and became chronically fatigued with IBS throughout her adult life despite her attempts to address it medically. Desperate, Ann began her personal quest for health optimization, and in the process she found her life purpose and passion. Becoming a CNS has empowered Ann to reclaim her youthful vitality, and now, she empowers others to experience their best health too.

Ann is living proof that nutrition matters. Over the past two decades Ann has been a strong distance runner and athlete with many marathon, half-marathon, 10K and 5K finish times in the top 1-5% of her age division. Ann continues to enjoy the physical strength and stamina of her younger years as an avid runner who also enjoys biking, kayaking, and backpacking. She’s also proud mom of three grown daughters, and staunch advocate for her oldest who is autistic and thriving as an entrepreneur and artist.

Maintaining a high-quality of life is top priority for Ann because it allows her the freedom to stay active doing what she loves with those she cares about. Strong commitment, high-energy, and enthusiasm are the hallmarks of Ann’s work helping her clients reach their health potential for a high-quality of life as well.

Ann M Musick MS, CNS®, LDN
iScript Nutrition™

PHONE: (859) 363-5945