Advanced Personalized Nutrition
Integrative Health.

There is no single diet

that is optimal for every person.

You cannot define nutritional needs based

on an average…needs differ from person to person.


– Dr.Jeffrey Bland, PhD, Functional medicine and personalized nutrition expert.

Success with Personalized Nutrition.


Many nutrition programs primarily focus on macro-level dietary recommendations for energy balance to induce weight loss with a calories-in, calories-out approach, and secondarily consider macronutrient content and quality. The therapeutic micronutrient needs of the individual are often overlooked.

Federally established dietary recommendations are based on population-wide studies of supposedly “healthy people” in American when, in fact, the majority of Americans are overweight or obese and taking one or more prescribed medications on a daily basis. This sets a low standard and one that cannot empower a person’s best health.

Personalized nutrition recommendations are determined by the individual for whom the recommendations are being made and supported by scientific evidence, not by a population study of mostly sick people. iScript Nutrition bases Personalized Nutrition and Integrative Health Recommendations on your blood and urine chemistry, nutritional health assessment, symptoms, and chief complaint(s).

Your journey to wellness is specific to you but you will not have to make the journey alone. All along the way iScript Nutrition provides resources, guidance, and tools that support your success.

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